10 Reasons to Be a Solicitor in London

10 Reasons to Be a Solicitor in London

If you’re a newly qualified solicitor, or have been practicing law for many years, you might be thinking about applying for one of the many solicitors jobs in London.

Here’s why you might be considering a move to the capital city.

1. There are lots of big legal firms in London, and if you want a change from representing clients in your small town or village, then what could be different than working for a huge firm of City lawyers?

2. As many well know companies have their headquarters, or at least a branch in London, depending on your area of expertise, you could get the opportunity to represent some of the big and international companies, perhaps in employment law, or trademark or construction law.

3. Because the government and the Houses of Parliament are in London, you might want to work representing the government, or with civil servants on cases.

4. If you’re a criminal lawyer, then you’ll want the chance to have your day at the, Old Bailey. No matter whether you’re prosecuting or defending, you’ll find no greater place to try and find the accused innocent or guilty

5. As there is much less call for certain areas of law in small villages, you might feel that you have to move to London in order to gain more experience and knowledge. If you’re an IP lawyer, or involved in computer law, then you might find that there’s more work in the capital, as there are more companies specialising in this area of law, or who need these legal services.

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6. As a solicitor in London, you’ll be dealing with a wide range of clients, from all sorts of different backgrounds. You’ll certainly notice the difference when compared to the firm of village solicitors you work for now.

7. If you do stay at a small firm of solicitors, then you’ll probably be dealing with the same sort of cases, day in day out. You might get promoted as someone retires, or decides to move to another small firm of local solicitors. However, by moving to a well known firm of solicitors in London, you’ll have better prospects, and be able to make more of your skills and gain much more relevant experience.

8. Maybe you want the chance to work on high profile cases. If you’re a criminal lawyer, then you’ll find that the most serious cases are often tried in London, and you might want to be part of the firm that defends, or prosecutes the accused.

9. As London is the capital city of England, there is plenty to see and do here. No matter what your interests are when you aren’t practicing law, or defending clients, helping people to move house, or settling family law cases, you’ll find something to interest you. Why not make time to go to the theatre, sporting event, or take advantage of the world famous shopping here?

10. As London is a great place to live, with lots of universities and places of learning, if you’re thinking of becoming a solicitor, then perhaps you might want to study at a London university, and see if you can gain experience with a London law firm, before you qualify as a solicitor, and find the right solicitors job in London for you.

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Now you know why you should be a solicitor in London, and some of what there is to see and do here, what’s stopping you?