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Living With Criminals – An Overview of Criminal Record Searches

Living With Criminals – An Overview of Criminal Record Searches

Be it justified or just curiosity, background searches quiets or verifies people’s suspicions. If the suspected person is actually a criminal, gleaned from the information gathered from the aforementioned methods, or if there is still suspicion of criminal activities, background checks are the best avenue to start. However, there are scam searches available on the internet. So it is always best to go with reputable websites, such as Intelius.

It is always best to look first into the criminal search options available. What you need is the subject’s name, his alias used (if known), his gender and race, his date of birth (again, if known).

There are two ways to achieve this. First is to use Google, or other such search engine, and input “the name of the state” Criminal Records. For example, Florida Criminal Records. The websites ending with .gov or .us are the official websites of the state that allows criminal checks. The second is to access the website called Criminal Searches, this site obtains criminal records for free.

Depending on your needs, the search for criminal records may be run by state or nationwide searches. These criminal Records would include the case number and charge; the offense, arrest and filing date; the disposition with date and sentence.

There is also a search that uses the social security number (SSN) of a person, listing a person’s background information including a criminal record, if there is any.

It is important to note, though, that sometimes these data are not as up-to-date. The lag between the charge, the conclusion of the case, the conviction, and the report filing to the state, local or federal agency affects it’s reliability. It is, therefore, pertinent to know how many times a website database is updated. The data listed also includes more than criminal records, in most cases, there are also civil filings, traffic and other minor offenses, so the people listed may not be actual criminals. Also, not all criminal records result in convictions, and no provision is made as to the guilt or innocence of these people are indicated.

There is, however, no need to limit search online, local newspapers or police stations can provide valuable information, too.…