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Duties Of A Criminal Lawyer

Duties Of A Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is the set of rules that identify demeanor that is restricted by a state as it can harm or endanger the wellbeing of a community. Criminal law also punishes an individual who breach the set rules and regulations.

If you or someone you know has faced criminal charges, you must consider hiring a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a legal representative who specializes in the field of criminal law and cases that involve criminal acts. Every state allows a defendant to have his say before the court. It goes by the rule that a person is not guilty until proven. As a defendant’s legal representative, a criminal lawyer has a few duties to fulfill.

Client interaction – It is one of the most basic duties of a lawyer to meet and interact with a client to discuss a case. This is important to clear the queries and doubts involved in a case.

Case Management – This is a major aspect of all the jobs of a lawyer. He is supposed to manage the case of his client by doing the needful. He must organize all the necessary paper-works, index demonstrations and review communication details on a regular basis.

Case Preparation – A criminal case usually is considered to be a more serious case than all the other kinds of cases. It needs prior preparation to ensure nothing goes haywire at the court hearing. An attorney must make sure that he prepares properly by acquainting himself with all the necessary details regarding the case. He also needs to make sure that he has extra copies of all the documents of a case to provide the court officials with.

Negotiations – Criminal cases usually require a lawyer to discuss negotiable terms with the opposite party to try helping his client get a lighter sentence. This may require one to consider a plea-bargain offer that is a motivation for a defendant to ask for a lighter charge.

Preparations for trial – If negotiations do not work out, the defense lawyer must start preparing for a trial case.

Duties towards a trial case – A criminal defense lawyer must fight a case in favor of his client by presenting proper evidences and proofs. He must cross examine the witnesses that the prosecution has to offer and present legal defenses.…