5 Ways Criminals Now Steal Your Credit Card Data and Information

5 Ways Criminals Now Steal Your Credit Card Data and Information

With the Internet and new forms of technology, purse snatching is old fashioned. The new criminal is more technologically advanced and thieves nowadays only need a minute or two to steal your credit card or bank information.

Credit card fraud costs members of the public millions of dollars each year. According to the secret service and criminal investigation divisions, this trend is only continuing after a string of mishaps in the financial crisis of 2008. The evil schemes are much simpler than you might think. Criminals have tools and very advanced software that can capture your credit card details quickly and use them quickly before they get caught.

Waitresses have been known to be data stealing criminals. Once your food is paid for, your credit card information has been known to be stored in a device known as skimmer. And while customers are scraping the last bit of chocolate icing from around the plates, they are unsuspecting to what is happening.

Another way criminals gather credit card Data is from mums and dads who sure actually stores. These criminals have various ways, and stories to misdirected clerks while they are punching in number of the paying customers credit card. Normally these criminals will work in tandem to steal information without anyone knowing and seeing what they’re doing.

Gas stations are also likely suspect for criminals to work their magic. This normally happens late at night when the attendant is at the register and not at full attention. The criminal well for a special skimmer on the credit card machine and as late night customers come in and pay for gas will their credit card the information is fed to the criminal in a laptop in a car nearby. There have been reports of criminals stealing millions of dollars using the specialized tactic in the last two years.

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Corporate theft is also another easy target for criminals as well. The criminal will install a special type of software that infiltrates a computer or network of computers, and records keystrokes of computers and keyboards. It will also record secure financial accounts and also usernames and passwords of banking details they can use for their personal own use.

With hackers and crackers out there is stealing this sort of information from you go, here are the top five ways you can protect yourself.

1. Set up Mobile alerts on your phone if your financial institution provides this feature.

2. Ensure you regularly monitor your bank accounts online, in ensure the transactions taking place are only coming from you.

3. Trying to avoid public computers sometimes criminals use these because of unlikely unsuspecting victims.

4. Do not do business with unfamiliar people, or vendors. This is how criminals operate under unknown companies and fake business names.

5. If you think your credit card data or information has been stolen contact the law enforcement or report to the secret service as soon as possible.