Are You Facing Assault and Battery Charges?

Are You Facing Assault and Battery Charges?

Any type of criminal accusation cannot be ignored, especially not that with the ability to entirely destroy your future, financial standing and life. If you have been arrested for assault and battery, it would be in your best interests to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney. Although assault and battery are often charged in conjunction with one another, they are distinct and separate charges.

Assault refers to conduct that a person engages in that gives the victim reason to believe that they are in imminent danger of receiving bodily injury. However, with assault, contact does not need to take place. Many types of rude or offensive behaviors can be classified as assault, especially when such behaviors are coupled with the present ability to carry out a perceived threat. For example, spitting on somebody or throwing an object in their direction that misses the target can be charged as assault, even though there wasn’t any actual contact with the victim.

The difference between assault and battery is that with battery, contact must have occurred. How a defendant is prosecuted in a battery charge will depend on the severity of the injuries, the nature of the attack, and whether or not the attacker has a prior criminal record. Battery can involve a lesser offense of slapping a person across the face to a far more severe offense such as aggravated assault and battery against a child. Other common forms of assault and battery charges include: sexual assault, sexual battery, domestic assault and battery and gang-related assault and battery among others.

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Just because a person is arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean that they are guilty. There can be a variety of mitigating circumstances present during the event in question. The other person may have provoked you, or you may have acted in self defense. Other times innocent people have been wrongfully accused of a crime they simply did not commit. Regardless of the circumstances leading to your arrest, it will be crucial for you to have your own attorney representing you. If you hire a weak or apathetic lawyer, your case may not be accurately represented and you could be convicted. A criminal conviction will haunt you for the rest of your life, following you wherever you go and forever affecting your future employment opportunities, thus your livelihood. You should take action now by contacting a skilled criminal defense attorney to start protecting your legal rights.