Avoid Conviction by Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Trial Expert

Avoid Conviction by Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Trial Expert

A criminal conviction can change your life forever and should be avoided at all costs. Depending on the type of offence and sentence imposed, the legal consequences of a conviction could prevent you from doing things like entering some countries, holding public office, voting in Federal elections, doing jury service, obtaining licences or engaging in particular types of businesses.

Your criminal conviction will also form part of a criminal record that could have serious and long-lasting effects, particularly in your employment, as prospective employers tend to view a job applicant’s criminal history negatively. Your first step when dealing with a charge is to find a reputable criminal lawyer. Sydney law firms typically have experts in criminal law practice who can devise strategies to ensure that you are not convicted for a crime that you did not commit.

About the criminal record

The National Police Certificate is a document containing details of a person’s criminal record. It will show the following information:

– Full name and alias, if any – Photograph – Date of birth – Offences with which a person has been charged – All court appearances including juvenile appearances – Details of convictions – Details of sentences imposed – Other information such as outstanding warrants, restraining orders, diversions and cautions.

This record may be obtained upon application and payment of a fee at a police station and may be viewed only by the person whose record is being sought or by someone who has the permission of the owner of the criminal record.

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Having a criminal record can become a problem in migration, insurance, and employment. Some countries do not grant visas to persons who have been convicted of particular crimes. Conviction of a crime may also be grounds for deporting a foreigner from Australia. When obtaining insurance, a prior conviction for a serious offence like fraud or arson can be an obstacle.

The most common difficulty that a person with a criminal record will encounter is in getting hired for work. Many companies now require applicants to submit a National Police Certificate and include questions on employment applications relating to criminal convictions and penalties, the existence of which you have a duty to disclose.

Getting your record expunged is not easy. If you are facing a charge right now, your best option is to avoid a conviction by hiring a criminal defence lawyer Sydney based. Sydney is home to many good law firms whose litigation lawyers are trained to obtain the best possible outcome for you.