Can We Use Social Networking Crowd Sourcing to Catch Former Criminals of War and Terrorists?

Can We Use Social Networking Crowd Sourcing to Catch Former Criminals of War and Terrorists?

In the future, war criminals cannot run, and they will have nowhere to hide. Consider if you will all the cameras in the city, the CCTV in stores, the facial recognition systems at airports, toll-ways, bus stations, etc, not to mention the reality that everyone has one or two digital cameras or video feeds on their smart phones, or tablet computers. Okay so, let’s discuss all this for a moment shall we, because I believe that war criminals will not be able to live happily ever after once they’ve committed their atrocities against humanity.

DARPA sponsored a contest to get Internet Users to find where they placed red balloons around the country and the crowd sourcing exercise yielded phenomenal and quick results. All the balloons were found within 24-hours, amazing. Likewise it is incredible how well the Amber Alerts work for kidnapped and lost children or even the FBI’s most wanted list, people see and report. Today with all the personal tech devices it would be hard to hide anywhere in the world without being seen or given away.

There was an interesting article recently in Fast Company on May 31, 2011 titled “Catching Balkan War Criminals The Digital Way,” by Neal Ungerleider which stated in the leader; “An ambitious effort to digitize 300 years of Serbian military records has led to the indictment of more than a dozen war criminals and the discovery of unmarked mass graves.” – and after reading that I was reminded of the recent capture of Ratko Mladic.

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Indeed, it would seem based on the comments I’ve made above and the reality of everyone now having an iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone or some other personal tech device that it would be almost impossible for anyone to hide and get away with such things in the future without getting caught. I mean where on the planet could they hide? In a million dollar compound in Pakistan, in a cave, or up in a log cabin in the forest?

What lengths would they have to go to prevent capture and really for how long, as they’d be self-imprisoned at that point and what’s the point of living one’s life self-exiled without being to go anywhere? You can easily see that the odds are so stacked against such individuals, that it might serve as a deterrent to such crimes in the future, especially if all those on the run are caught and brought to justice. Please consider all this.