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Can I Record a Phone Call?

Can I Record a Phone Call?

Can I record a call? It depends. If you are not a party to the call, then the answer is “no,” unless you’ve obtained consent from one or both parties to the call, or have a valid warrant.

If you are a party to the call, then the answer is “it depends.” If you are in North Carolina and calling another person in North Carolina, then you can tape the call without letting the other person know. That’s because North Carolina is a one-party state. One party must know about the taping. That’s you. The other party does not.

However, if you are calling a person who is in a “two-party” state, then the “two-party” rule operates, and you must inform the person that you are taping the phone call.

As of April, 2010, two party states are:










New Hampshire



It’s important to note that you may never – except in certain specific circumstances where you have a search warrant or consent of one party – tape a phone call where you are not a party to the call. A�Such recordation will, if detected, run afoul of eavesdropping laws and/or wiretapping laws and may get you into serious legal difficulty.

What if you’ve called a company that informs you that “this call is being monitored for quality assurance purposes.” A�Are you permitted to also tape that phone call even if you don’t tell the other party? A�The general answer is “Yes,” and that’s because the company has waived any expectation of privacy it may have in the phone call and therefore can’t expect you not to tape the phone call.

You should be aware that these laws change from time-to-time, and so check the laws in your specific state before relying on any information in this article as it does not constitute legal advice.…

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PayDay: The Heist

PayDay: The Heist

PayDay: The Heist is serious, difficult and tough. But it is also fun and full of interesting surprises. If you own a PS3 this game is a real gem to your collection.

For those who enjoyed Point Break or Left 4 Dead, you will find Payday: The Heist relatively easy. You get together with friends and form a gang of criminals. You are tasked with different missions, like robbing a bank, breaking out a prisoner from jail and fleeing from a badly executed job. The enemy can alter their tactics based on your actions and decisions.

If you play the game over and over you may expect it to get boring as the same tactics will be employed, but Payday has a dynamic leveling system which changes the tactics of the enemy each time you alter yours. Your characters evolve as the game progresses and it will never get stale.

You can unlock new weapons, and collect bonus points each time you complete a level. There are three experience trees and you can choose any one of them and also change while in the middle of a game. You get together a crew and each one has their own special skill to contribute to the gang. An ammo man can ensure you have enough munitions for your task and a medic can be useful if you get wounded by enemy fire.

Playing the game over and over is the beauty of payday. Each time you can score better than the previous round. You can warn your mates about upcoming obstacles and enemies. You can co-ordinate your team to kill cops, and take out security cameras before they spot you. The nice thing about the game is that you get to wear clown masks and resort to a lifestyle of crime.

In single player mode the game is interesting enough, but multi-player online is where the game really excels. It’s great to be able to be the leader of a gang of thieves and get other players to follow your every whim. Giving instructions and ordering your men around will make you a true gang leader.

Remember to listen to the game audio as it gives you valuable clues and instructions. Blabbering with your friends in sheer excitement can drown out the computer voices and you’ll miss many interesting experiences the game has to offer.

The game costs about $20 and at that price for a multi-player game isn’t asking too much. You’ll soon realize its money well spent. The time you get to spend with your friends is well worth it.…

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Having A Criminal Lawyer When You Own A Gun

Having A Criminal Lawyer When You Own A Gun

There is a lot of controversy today as to whether Americans should be allowed to have concealed weapons or own guns in general. It is really a political issue, and that is not what this article is about. If you do own a gun, however, there are some things to consider. Owning a gun could save your life, but it could also take a life. It is important, of course, to always keep your guns secure while at home, but also in a location that you can reach if you need to defend your family. If you ever do need to use your gun or if something happens at your home by accident, you might need a criminal lawyer to defend you. Even though it was self-defense or an accident, sometimes you could still end up being accused of a crime.

Because you could get accused without being guilty, you would be wise to find a criminal lawyer if you choose to buy a gun. The law professional you choose should obviously be in favor of Americans owning guns, so you will need to think of that angle as you hire one. You should also consider their experience in defending accidental death or self-defense cases. You will want to make sure that the individual you choose has had quite a few cases in this area where they were successful in helping their clients. The reputation of the law professional you choose is also important. You should make sure that the reviews you read about certain law firms or lawyers are mostly positive.

Being accused of a crime you did not commit can be a traumatic thing. When it happens, it will be unexpected. To you, it was just a matter of helping your family not be hurt by someone breaking into your home. Whether or not the individual was actually meaning to hurt your family, you might never know. If you can prove your motivation behind hurting the burglar and that it was in self-defense, however, you should not get charged with too much if anything.

A successful trial should be you and your lawyer’s goal. Having a criminal lawyer before you ever run into a problem is one of the wisest things you could do to protect yourself when you own a gun. In a difficult situation, a person does what he or she has to do to protect the family, and that is what the lawyer you hire will have to prove that you were doing.…

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What Is Double Jeopardy?

What Is Double Jeopardy?

Double jeopardy is something that gained a fair bit of fame through the movie of the same name, but many people are not sure what it actually is or what it means in a legal setting. The basic idea is that a person is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America from being tried twice for the same crime. If they have gone on trial and been acquitted of a crime, and if there has been a final judgment stating that they are not guilty of any wrongdoing, they cannot then be taken to court again to get a new trial. They are free to go.

Why Is This Done? There are a few reasons that this is done. First, it is to prevent a person from being punished for a crime twice. If they were sentenced to two years in prison and served their time, it would not be fair for a jury to decide that they deserved more time and sentence them again. Second, it is to protect people from being taken to trial repeatedly by someone who is convinced of their guilt when they are really innocent. Once the trial is over, they deserve to be allowed to put the incident behind them.

Is This A Loophole? There are some situations in which this is viewed as a loophole in the justice system. If a man was said to be not guilty of a murder, for example, he could not be taken back to court later even if some bit of new evidence turned up — such as the murder weapon with his fingerprints on it. This is why the police are so careful to have all of their evidence before the trial starts. While this does mean that a guilty person could go free, this is generally considered to be a better option than the alternative, especially since this happens so infrequently.

Are There Exceptions? There are exceptions to this rule. There has to be a final judgment for it to go into effect. If there is a dismissed case because of lack of evidence, they can still be charged when evidence surfaces. If there is a mistrial or a trial that is deemed to be fraudulent, they can be tried again. This is to keep guilty people from bribing judges to get a ruling that will then protect them forever despite the evidence.…

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Three Things to Do When Charged With a Crime in Toronto

Three Things to Do When Charged With a Crime in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city. It is also ranked as North America’s fifth most populated area. Despite its population density and its inherent diverse and multicultural demography, the city is teemed with law abiding citizens making Toronto a city that has over the years, enjoyed a low crime rate. This was brought about by the city’s conscious endeavors to support programs that are designed to prevent crime.

A particular program that supports the city’s low crime rate is The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. This program seeks to produce and provide the city with responsible police officers to protect the citizens and uphold the law. These types of programs aim to provide good role models for the citizens while other programs aim to promote harmony and peacefulness within the city, making Toronto one of the most ideal cities to live in.

But what if, as a citizen, you have committed a crime and/or have been charged for it? What are the steps that you need to do? From whom can you seek advice about the situation? And what would be the first smart move for you to do if in case this happens? Would the procedure be different in this city as that of other cities or other locations?

Here are three things to do if you have been charged of a crime in this city:

1. Turn yourself in. Hiding from the authorities is never ever a good idea. Hiding from the police will simply aggravate your situation, while turning yourself in will give you the chance to defend yourself

2. Let the professionals handle your situation. Being engaged in this type of situation may trigger your emotions and lead you to making hasty and even bad decisions. Hire a lawyer and trust your lawyer to do the task for you, from your bail, release, trial, defense, and acquittal.

3. Attend the trial process and resolutions. Proceedings, court hearings, and any other meetings required by the court to complete, justify, or push through with the trial of your case should be complied with.

Being charged of a crime does not automatically equate to being guilty. Learn what steps to take, study your case, and trust your lawyer to provide services that will help you go through this tedious and sensitive process. Having a clean or even flawless personal profile is often the key to success. The best thing to do is to know the law, the policies, and the regulations within your city. Being a good citizen will a pave the way of a good future. And Toronto being one of the cities with the lowest crime rate, it would really be easy to avoid crime and become a good law abiding citizen.…

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What Services Do Criminal Attorneys Provide?

What Services Do Criminal Attorneys Provide?

One of the most important things to remember about the US legal system with criminal cases is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone has the right to legal representation. While people are not always innocent, they have a right to a fair trial and investigation into the matter. Finding the right attorney and having proper legal representation is crucial to having the best possible outcome for the case. This is especially true when penalties are high in monetary cost and carry jail time.


One of the most important parts of having a good lawyer happens during the early stages of a criminal case. When someone has been questioned or arrested by the police, they may need to call a lawyer to help them answer questions and avoid making mistakes or being bullied. Criminal lawyers know what questions and tactics are allowed and which are not, and can prevent their clients from being railroaded or strong-armed by law enforcement, private investigators and other lawyers.


Having local representation is also important. When hiring a lawyer, be sure to use one that is licensed to practice in that jurisdiction. Choosing an attorney familiar with the court in which the case will be tried is wise. Having someone aware of the judges, court clerks, buildings and courthouse procedures for a specific branch of the court in a city or county can sometimes make the difference between having a case dismissed and the defendant being found guilty and seeing jail time. Knowing the ins and outs of a locality, how cases are assigned and the habits and preferences of the personnel who work there can be extremely helpful to a case.


Those facing criminal charges should choose a lawyer that specializes in criminal law. For example, someone facing a drunk driving charge in Tampa, Florida should find a Tampa DUI attorney. A Florida criminal lawyer specializing in this type of case will know the requirements, potential penalties and what to expect from the prosecution. When there is more than one charge pending, a well-versed lawyer can handle multiple charges and may be able to get some of them dropped or reduced.


Criminal charges take a toll on those accused as well as family members and friends of the accused. The case may be the basis of a misunderstanding or simply a grave mistake. It can traumatize those accused as well as those close to them. Having professional representation means having a person that is not emotionally involved in the case handling the crucial details. A Florida criminal attorney, for example, will be able to look at the available facts and form a defense. Paperwork can be filed properly and on time without the defendant having to try to juggle deadlines, investigations and personal issues all at once.…

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Qualities Desirable in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Qualities Desirable in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is an integral part of any criminal case procedure. He is a qualified defense attorney to represent individuals charged of any criminal case. He is responsible to ensure that the accused gets the right treatment from law.

He is responsible to bring the facts before a court of law. He needs to represent the accused in order to give argument on behalf of the accused and help a wrongly accused person from legal punishment. Hence, he should be a highly experienced person with years of experience in a specialized section of law. He should be well-versed with the laws of the State and provide guidance to the accused in a case.

There are various criteria on which a criminal lawyer is selected. Mostly people search for reputed defense attorneys with years of experience and a successful track record over the years. Some of the qualities desirable in him/her are elaborated below:


A defense attorney should be passionate about law and should strive hard to ensure fair trial and justice for the client.


It is necessary to possess confidence for representing individuals in court of law. Lawyers with high confidence make good defense options.


He should upfront in raising questions and taking initiative in the legal proceedings. He should be available at all times to support and guide his client.

Well-versed with jurisdiction

He needs to be well-versed with the legal proceedings to offer proper assistance in criminal cases to the clients in order to ensure no loopholes in the legal procedure.

Friendly and well-connected

A good criminal lawyer is always well-connected and holds strong ties with legal authorities, police and other authoritative persons.


He needs to hold years of experience in criminal law services and should have handled certain special cases and specific domains as well.…