Criminal Lawyer: Marijuana Charges Don’t Have To Ruin Your Life

Criminal Lawyer: Marijuana Charges Don’t Have To Ruin Your Life

With the help of a good criminal lawyer, marijuana charges don’t have to bring about the life ruination you may be currently envisioning. Make no mistake about it: any illicit drug charges are serious and they can bring with them harsh penalties. Whether you’ve been arrested for possession, distribution, or growing, a conviction could be disastrous. The worst thing you can do is attempt to defend yourself, by yourself. You need an attorney who is an expert at handling similar cases. He will bring expertise and experience to bear on the case, the value of which can hardly be calculated.

The Law

Many states in the country are moving towards some degree of legalization, or at least de-criminalization, of this popular drug. With advocates pointing out the many medicinal uses of the drug and detractors pointing out the dangers, it is still uncertain where everything will come out in the end. As it stands now, however, it is still perfectly possible to be arrested for all levels of possession in every state. For a criminal lawyer, marijuana charges are among the most common cases to come across the desk. This is what’s important to remember: you aren’t alone. And if you hire a good attorney, your chances of fighting back are better than ever.


Perhaps you think you don’t need a criminal lawyer. Marijuana charges are minor, after all, right? While being arrested for a small amount of pot is hardly comparable to being arrested for murder or even a stronger drug like heroin, you can’t afford to be flippant about your situation. Depending on the circumstances, your record, and the judge on any particular day, you could wind up facing very serious consequences. Among them: a permanent record reflecting your mistakes, reduced chances of employment, heavy fines, and possible jail time. In some states, your driver’s license could be suspended. Don’t play games with your future.

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Obviously, the best case scenario involves being acquitted on all charges. Let’s face it, though: in most situations that simply isn’t going to happen. Prosecutors don’t make a career out of trying losing cases. If you’re being brought up on charges, they probably have enough evidence on which to convict you. That’s not what hiring an attorney is about. It’s about protecting your rights and exploring alternatives to harsh punishments. Drug assistance programs are available and your attorney may be able to argue for their use as such an alternative. If you can avoid jail time and a conviction, it may be worth looking into.