Everything You Needed to Know About the Texas Hills Part of Texas

Everything You Needed to Know About the Texas Hills Part of Texas

This generation of Americans is a very mobile one, moving locations often, typically in search of a new job, a job change or simply in search of an area that will suit their tastes better. Because of that, it is always helpful to offer some of those people considering moving to a new town some information about different towns such as a small one in Texas called Kerrville. This article will describe some interesting information about this town from locals who work there such as a Kerrville criminal attorney or a Kerrville criminal lawyer. It will also look into the history and how the town was founded originally.

Kerrville is nestled in the Texas Hills country near the Guadalupe River and was originally founded by a man named Joshua Brown who settled there in the 1840’s to start a shingle making camp. He brought several other families with him on his excursion to find the perfect place to settle down in. It was originally referred to as Brownsborough after him but later changed its title when his friend, James Kerr who was a major in the Texas revolution also decided to settle there. Thus, that is how the name Kerrville came about, after James Kerr. This name change was formally done in 1856.

A German miller built a large saw mill and large grist that helped to power a lot of the area as well as a way of protecting the city from flooding of the river. Charles Schreiner also came to the area and ended up being the biggest businessman in town owning the majority of the mercantile business there as well as other things like retail, banking, ranching, and marketing businesses. His elaborate home that was built in a Roman style is now the place of the Hill Country Museum in downtown Kerrville. The Civil war slowed the progress of the town a bit but then continued to thrive after it was over.

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Kerrville today is known for various things including the beautiful parks that line the river and has many various youth summer camps in this pretty location. Many hunters like to go there and use the different hunting ranches in the area too. Each year, it is also the location for the official state of Texas arts and crafts fair where artists and crafters come from all over to showcase and sell their things. It also has many entertainers come in for this huge fair that lasts several days long. Another annual event that takes place in Kerrville is the Kerrville Folk Festival that is during the summer. Folk musicians from all over the country go there to play their music and put on concerts.

Kerrville is considered a smaller town of 20,000 residents that are mostly middle class income who enjoy the quiet life of living in the hill country of Texas. Another great thing in the town is the Museum of Western Art that features artwork by present and living artists depicting the American West themes.