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Your Criminal Lawyer – What to Ask During The First Meeting

Your Criminal Lawyer – What to Ask During The First Meeting

It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but it seems like everyone wants to play judge and jury now a days. When you’ve been accused of a crime you really need to find someone who knows the laws and can represent you the best. Not all attorneys can handle all types of cases so you don’t want to hire just anyone to help prove that you didn’t do what you are being accused of. When you are hiring a criminal lawyer there are some things you should know about him before you hire him.

One of the first things you should ask your potential criminal lawyer is about his experience. You need to know how long he’s practiced law in the state you’re in. He also needs to tell you if there are other areas of the law that he practices. Some attorney’s practice multiple types so they can have a variety of cases. You might also want to ask how many cases he has defended and what percentage of his cases go to trial. You might also ask how often he settles the trial with a plea bargain. Familiarity with the prosecutors and judges is also a plus so you might ask how familiar he is with the ones that you are likely to see.

Another important question that you should ask is the cost. Just because you’re paying top dollar for a criminal lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting top service. You need to know how you are being billed. Some lawyers charge a flat fee, while other bill hourly. You need to know how often you’ll be sent a statement, payment terms they may offer and an estimate of what the overall charges will be. While you don’t want to get poor service you do want to have an attorney that you can afford.

When you go to the criminal lawyer for the first time be sure to take all the paperwork concerning your case with you. Allow him to review your case and ask him what he thinks. Specifically you need to know what are the strong and weak points of your defense, the strategy he suggests, possible results, and legal options. You might even ask what will take place at each stage of your defense. While you are discussing your case find out how he handles his case management so that you know how to check in on the progress of your case.

Hiring the right criminal lawyer is key to having the best defense. If you are innocent of the accusations you want someone that will help you prove that you didn’t do it. If you are guilty you want someone to help you get the best sentence you can get so that you aren’t spending too much time away from your family.…

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Finding The Right Criminal Lawyer To Represent You

Finding The Right Criminal Lawyer To Represent You

When you are first arrested, it is impossible to imagine that anything could possibly be worse than the actual arrest, but it doesn’t take very long for you to realize that finding a San Francisco criminal attorney is nearly as bad as the arrest. The process of finding the criminal defense attorney is usually time consuming, stressful, and exhausting.

Most people think that the only time they need an attorney is when they are going to court. They assume that the purpose of the lawyer is to help prove their innocence. Don’t assume that just because you plan on pleading guilty does not mean you don’t need a defense attorney. The San Francisco justice system is complex and full of subtle nuances that can have a huge impact on your future. The best way that you can make sure you get the best possible deal is to have the assistance of an attorney who will be by your side through each step.

For most people, the thing that has the biggest impact on the criminal defense attorney they end up with is the accused person’s budget. Lawyers are expensive, and a large chunk of San Francisco’s population is unable to afford an attorney. In these cases the person will need to make use of a court appointed attorney. The good thing about court appointed attorneys is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not they are a real lawyers who can legally practice law in California. On the other hand, most court appointed lawyers are trying to get their careers started and have not had the opportunity to gather the resources of more experienced lawyers.

Most people who have the funds feel that the best way to find a good criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco is by asking questions. They talk to their friends and acquaintances for recommendation and scour the local papers for advertisements.

Before officially hiring a lawyer, you will need to meet with them before you can decide if they are going to be a good match with you. If the lawyer guarantees that they will win your case you should immediately resume your search. No lawyer can possibly guarantee the outcome of a case, there are simply to many variables.

When you meet with the lawyer, present the details of your particular case and find out how they are going to handle the case. While discussing your particular case you will want to find out if the lawyer has tried any similar cases, and what their success rate was for your type of case.

Lawyers are very expensive. Most of them charge an hourly rate and those hours add up fast. Before officially hiring your lawyer you want to make sure that you will be able to afford their services. They should be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how many hours they will have to devote to your case. Do not be at all surprised if they ask for an advance on their fee. The lawyer want to know that they are going to be paid for their services and they also know that you are less likely to pay if you do get found guilty.

Remember that your future depends on the San Francisco criminal lawyer you choose, so you want to get the best one you can afford. Don’t try to take the cheaper road. Your attorney is a critical decision and you should choose wisely.…

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Desperate To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?

Desperate To Hire A Criminal Lawyer?

Are you facing a false charge of felony or DUI (driving under influence)? Or have you been wrongly accused of having drugs in your possession? Don’t lose hope because you can easily come clean with the help of a criminal lawyer. Most people choose to ignore the seriousness of the situation and believe that engaging an attorney just means that they have to spend a lot of money uselessly. But that is not so because an attorney is your savior in situations like these!

Drunk driving is taken very seriously nowadays and you could be facing a charge of a hefty fine as well as serving time in prison. It could be that your friends forced you to take up a challenge of driving at a speed of over 120 km/hr. If you were slightly drunk and you crashed into someone’s vehicle you could be facing a serious charge. Especially if there has been loss of life, then it is imperative to hire a criminal lawyer immediately who can plead for a certain amount of leniency.

If you have been accused of any felony such as murder, theft, rape, and arson, there is a possibility of a lifetime in prison. A criminal lawyer will systematically study and analyze your case and represent it in court so that you get a fair hearing. Make sure that you choose your attorney carefully after studying his previous record. An incompetent attorney may make matters worse and you may end up losing the case badly.

There are other crimes that are slightly less serious in nature such as jaywalking, trespassing, speeding, and using a fake identity card. But nevertheless, you must consult a criminal lawyer without delay. Vandalism is now being considered as a border line case, i.e. it is neither a serious offense which requires serious punishment nor is it a crime where the offender can be let off easily.…

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Defending Burglary Charges With Legal Help

Defending Burglary Charges With Legal Help

Any criminal charge may result in legal hassles. However, felony charges are more difficult to handle than misdemeanors. The reason for this is the severe penalties that you may face for felonies in case the court decides you are guilty. The US legal system deems anyone innocent unless the prosecution establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Burglary charges in Florida are within the category of felonies; therefore, if you were facing any such charges, you need to get a criminal attorney for defense. Before you consult a legal advisor, here are the answers to some common questions.

When can you face such a charge? If you unlawfully enter an occupied or unoccupied structure or vehicle to commit a crime, it may be adequate grounds to file a charge. You may also face a burglary charge if your entrance was lawful, but your remaining there was – surreptitious or after the withdrawal of permission to remain on the premises and/or with an intent to commit a felony.

What happens if it was an unsuccessful attempt? The prosecution may find it difficult to prove guilt in such a circumstance. This, in its turn, would help your attorney present a reasonable doubt with regard to your criminal intent.

What penalties are possible for such crimes? The penalties for these are as follows:

For burglary of occupied structure – maximum 15 years imprisonment and/or $10,000 fines

For burglary of unoccupied structure – maximum 5 years imprisonment and/or $5,000 fines

For burglary of vehicle/non-dwelling structure – maximum 5 years imprisonment

For possession of burglary tools – maximum 5 years imprisonment

For burglary using explosives – maximum 30 years imprisonment and $10,000 fines

When do you need an attorney? If you were facing such charges and/or arrest, you need to get a competent West Palm Beach criminal attorney. Only a legal practitioner knows the details of the legal procedure to prepare your defense.

What are the possible defenses? If you have adequate legal counsel, you need not worry about possible defenses. Your criminal attorney knows how to accumulate evidence and analyze facts to come up with the defenses that may work. Common strategies include –

Presenting an ‘open to all’ excuse: If the structure (a business establishment) is open to all, it may be difficult to establish criminal intent just because you enter the premises.

Presenting a reasonable doubt: If your attorney presents an alibi regarding your presence somewhere else at the time of the crime, it raises a doubt of reasonable nature.

Presenting the ‘lack of criminal intent’ defense: Your attorney must establish that you had no criminal intentions at the time of entering the premises.…

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Duties Of A Criminal Lawyer

Duties Of A Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is the set of rules that identify demeanor that is restricted by a state as it can harm or endanger the wellbeing of a community. Criminal law also punishes an individual who breach the set rules and regulations.

If you or someone you know has faced criminal charges, you must consider hiring a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a legal representative who specializes in the field of criminal law and cases that involve criminal acts. Every state allows a defendant to have his say before the court. It goes by the rule that a person is not guilty until proven. As a defendant’s legal representative, a criminal lawyer has a few duties to fulfill.

Client interaction – It is one of the most basic duties of a lawyer to meet and interact with a client to discuss a case. This is important to clear the queries and doubts involved in a case.

Case Management – This is a major aspect of all the jobs of a lawyer. He is supposed to manage the case of his client by doing the needful. He must organize all the necessary paper-works, index demonstrations and review communication details on a regular basis.

Case Preparation – A criminal case usually is considered to be a more serious case than all the other kinds of cases. It needs prior preparation to ensure nothing goes haywire at the court hearing. An attorney must make sure that he prepares properly by acquainting himself with all the necessary details regarding the case. He also needs to make sure that he has extra copies of all the documents of a case to provide the court officials with.

Negotiations – Criminal cases usually require a lawyer to discuss negotiable terms with the opposite party to try helping his client get a lighter sentence. This may require one to consider a plea-bargain offer that is a motivation for a defendant to ask for a lighter charge.

Preparations for trial – If negotiations do not work out, the defense lawyer must start preparing for a trial case.

Duties towards a trial case – A criminal defense lawyer must fight a case in favor of his client by presenting proper evidences and proofs. He must cross examine the witnesses that the prosecution has to offer and present legal defenses.…

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What You Need to Know About Hiring Criminal Lawyers

What You Need to Know About Hiring Criminal Lawyers

You don’t dream about being in a situation where you would need the services of a criminal lawyer. Things can happen though and you might end up needing one. In cases like that, would you know what it is to look for in an attorney?

The most likely answer of course is no. You would have no clue about the right qualifications and that might cause you to hire someone who would be unable to help you at all.

That is the reason we have listed here some of the more important things that you should know when it comes to hiring criminal attorneys. Things like the most common reasons why people have the need for them and what you need to look for.

First of all don’t be deceived by what they say that when you are charged with a criminal case, you will be deemed innocent until you are proven guilty. That is how it’s supposed to be, but the reality can be very different. A lawyer by your side can help in making sure that your rights as an accused is not cast aside.

Law can be very confusing and just think of how tougher it can be to understand for someone facing criminal charges. It would be better to leave the handling of the case to someone who is competent and someone who has studied the law. You don’t really have to fight it on your own.

If you are able to hire a good lawyer right away at the start of the case then he might be able to get the case dismissed. They should be able to spot some flaw with the case that they might be able to exploit. That is something that you can’t do on your own.

If unfortunately, you were proven guilty of the criminal act that you were accused of, then having a lawyer might still come in handy. They can get you the minimum sentence that is absolutely possible for the kind of case that you have. They might even make it so you don’t have to any jail time.

If you are thinking of just going with the lawyer that the government would provide when you don’t hire one, then think twice. If you want to end up in jail then go ahead. Those lawyers are all swamped cases that they might only review your case once they are inside the courtroom.

You should look for a lawyer that specializes in the field that you are being accused. Lawyers have many specializations and there are further sub-specializations under that. Just because one is a criminal lawyer does not mean they would be the best one for you.

Criminal charges can come out of nowhere when you least expect it. You can become involved in a fistfight or you can lose company money. Just to be sure you should have some means of contacting a good criminal lawyer right away in case something happens.

Understanding the reasons for hiring a good criminal lawyer can help you out at the right time.…

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The Death Penalty Has No Place in Our Modern Society

The Death Penalty Has No Place in Our Modern Society

The criminal justice system around the world is fraught with all kinds of innuendos. The death penalty – a.k.a Capital punishment is just one of those outdated, unproductive, vengeful methods for dealing justice to criminals, which time is in the past and needs be abolished. Terminating a human life because they have broken laws made by imperfect men/women for other not too smart men/women, is nothing short of barbaric and in line with the thought processes of the criminal being punished.

A historical perspective on the death penalty shows that this form of punishment made its first appearance in Babylon in the eighteenth century B.C. in the code of King Hammurabi. This information is available from the Death Penalty Information Center. Other early death penalty laws can be found in the Hittite’s code of the fourteenth Century B.C, Draconian Code of the seventh Century B.C.. which originated in Athens and made all crimes punishable by death, and the Roman Law of the twelve tablets written in the Fifth Century B.C. The methods used for exterminating societal varmints at the time included crucifixion, drowning, beating to death, burning alive, and impalement. The Islamic Shariah law sanctions the death penalty for a variety of criminal behaviors.

The death penalty which may have been adopted from Islamic laws in the middle ages in Europe was mostly practiced in Britain, from where the idea was passed on to the new colonies, most prominently America. By the 1700’s, there were 222 types of crimes punishable by death in Britain including such mundane acts as stealing, cutting down a tree or robbing a rabbit’s warren. Execution of the guilty was accomplished by such methods as boiling, burning at the stake, hanging, beheading, and drawing and quartering. This method of dealing with criminals did not in any way deter would be criminals as the crime rate increased rather than have the effect it was designed for.

In the Americas, Captain George Kendall was the first victim of capital punishment, executed for spying on behalf of the Spanish Government, in the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608. After him, many more would die for breaking the law, stealing grapes, killing chickens, and trading with Indians. Although laws varied from one colony to the other, they all seem to include the death penalty for one reason or the other. Presently close to 3000 convicts are on death row awaiting their demise in about 37 American states.

The United Kingdom has since removed the death penalty from its law books but the legacy it left behind lives on in the new worlds it helped to create. Times change, human beings evolve from a barbaric state to a higher level of consciousness. Technology enhances lifestyles making living more meaningful. The laws however remain stagnant or take a very long time to change. This is the case with some American states and a lot of third world countries where the death penalty is still a means to an end.

Capital punishment is wrong for a variety of reason:

It really does not deter criminal behavior

It is the easiest way our for the accused

It engenders a revenge oriented society

It has no role to play in a civilized society

There are other far more productive ways for punishing heinous criminals

Inherent flaws in the justice system.

Deterrence of criminal intent is the reason we have the criminal justice system. For all intents and purposes, penitent and reformed criminals returned to the society will have a positive impact on criminal minds just emerging from their embryonic stage and possibly help to nip the bug in the bud. Those who are executed are most probably forgotten the next day. About 88 percent of 79 experts from the American Criminologist Society have concluded from research that Capital Punishment does not act as a deterrent.

Ours is a chaotic and virtually meaningless world and most of us are suicidal to some extent. Most criminals are like hardened drug addicts and their criminal behavior is a thrill that takes them to the highest places. Most of them perform death defying acts just to try and prove their invisibility. When such personalities eventually end up in the hands of the law, their most ardent desire is to go out with a bang. Sending such people to the gallows is like handing them an overflowing cup of their most favorite drink. I will do anything to get an overflowing glass of Stella Artois for free.

According to Mohandas Candi “an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Revenge is a very negative emotional characteristic inherent in many of us. A convicted felon sentenced to die for murdering someone else, upon having his/her sentence …