PayDay: The Heist

PayDay: The Heist

PayDay: The Heist is serious, difficult and tough. But it is also fun and full of interesting surprises. If you own a PS3 this game is a real gem to your collection.

For those who enjoyed Point Break or Left 4 Dead, you will find Payday: The Heist relatively easy. You get together with friends and form a gang of criminals. You are tasked with different missions, like robbing a bank, breaking out a prisoner from jail and fleeing from a badly executed job. The enemy can alter their tactics based on your actions and decisions.

If you play the game over and over you may expect it to get boring as the same tactics will be employed, but Payday has a dynamic leveling system which changes the tactics of the enemy each time you alter yours. Your characters evolve as the game progresses and it will never get stale.

You can unlock new weapons, and collect bonus points each time you complete a level. There are three experience trees and you can choose any one of them and also change while in the middle of a game. You get together a crew and each one has their own special skill to contribute to the gang. An ammo man can ensure you have enough munitions for your task and a medic can be useful if you get wounded by enemy fire.

Playing the game over and over is the beauty of payday. Each time you can score better than the previous round. You can warn your mates about upcoming obstacles and enemies. You can co-ordinate your team to kill cops, and take out security cameras before they spot you. The nice thing about the game is that you get to wear clown masks and resort to a lifestyle of crime.

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In single player mode the game is interesting enough, but multi-player online is where the game really excels. It’s great to be able to be the leader of a gang of thieves and get other players to follow your every whim. Giving instructions and ordering your men around will make you a true gang leader.

Remember to listen to the game audio as it gives you valuable clues and instructions. Blabbering with your friends in sheer excitement can drown out the computer voices and you’ll miss many interesting experiences the game has to offer.

The game costs about $20 and at that price for a multi-player game isn’t asking too much. You’ll soon realize its money well spent. The time you get to spend with your friends is well worth it.