People Who Make Mistakes Vs Criminals

People Who Make Mistakes Vs Criminals

There are many different types of criminals out there and then there are people that have just made a mistake. Although this is a rare occurrence, it does happen and the person who has made a mistake does know the difference between right and wrong. Clearly they made a poor decision and are living with their consequence, but going back to prison is typically not in their future. There are many people out there that come from a “normal typical family life” this does not really mean that they will never make a mistake or become a criminal. There are actually quite a few criminals who had great families!

The sort of criminal that makes a mistake is one who usually feels remorse for their wrong doings. Another way to differentiate from true criminals and people who have made mistakes, is that the people who have made mistakes are really impacted by their jail time. Most of them learn their lesson and then never do anything again to return to prison. If by any chance this criminal was involved in a violent act, it is surely because they were provoked and lost control – usually because of drugs and alcohol. Another scenario is that they were trying to protect themselves from someone else who didn’t get caught.

Cell mates that are empathetic as well as sympathetic, generally fall into the category of being someone who made a mistake. Something one may find interesting though is that these types of criminals are typically what prison and rehabs focus on even though they are the rarest form of criminal. Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? They are considered to be average except their true existence is low. Comparable to any other average human being, they typically just make more poor decisions than others. Since most jail populations are at extremely high numbers, these low levels criminals are the ones who get sent home to wait for their trials because they are not considered a big threat to society.

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The people who do generally overcrowd the cells are the hustler type of criminals. These are considered the lowest level criminals because they typically just get into trouble over drug use or robbing people, houses. They will most likely find their ways back to prison because it becomes part of the “game” and their lifestyle. More than likely they grow more and more violent as well.

As you can see there are people who adapt and move on, then there are people that repeat and go back to prison. These are the two main categories of prisoners. The people who have made mistakes generally do their time and leave, learn their lesson and don’t dare get into trouble again. They are in a category of their own which is note worthy.