What a Licensed Gun Owner Should Do If He Shoots Someone in Self Defense

What a Licensed Gun Owner Should Do If He Shoots Someone in Self Defense

Having to fire your gun at another human is difficult in any circumstances. It should always be used as an option of last resort. However, anyone who owns a gun should have a thorough understanding of the state laws governing the use of firearms in their particular state. Gun owners should be prepared for all situations and scenarios in which they might have to use their gun for protection. If you should find yourself in the position of having used your gun in self-defense, you need to know what your next steps should be to keep yourself and your family protected from any criminal/legality issues.

First of all, if your state requires a license to own a gun, make sure you have a current license. Don’t try to skirt the laws. That will only lead to serious trouble. Keep your license in a safe place. You will want to be able to quickly locate the license when asked for proof by the proper authorities. If you own any type of weapons, you should know a lawyer. Keep your lawyer’s information in the same spot as your gun license. There are too many scenarios to mention of ways that your guns could land you in hot water. So, it is best to head off trouble from the beginning.

If you are involved in a self defense shooting, call 911 immediately. You want to alert authorities that an accident has occurred. By calling 911, you will have a record of the events as they unfold, which could help your case later. You will also want to get medical attention as soon as possible for yourself or the shooting victim. When the authorities arrive, make sure you don’t still have your weapon in your hands. You don’t want your intentions to be mistaken.

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The police will likely ask you to show them the weapon. Lead them to where you placed the weapon, but don’t pick it up yourself. Make sure to show them the license for the gun, and then you will be reminded to call your lawyer. You may be tempted to give a statement to the police, but wait for your lawyer. After such a shooting incident, you are likely to be very shaken up and not have your wits about you. Your lawyer will be a calming voice in the crowd to help make sure your words come out as you intend and will not be misconstrued or taken out of context.