What Factors to Consider When Hiring an Immigration Attorney

If you want to immigrate to the USA, you need to look for someone who can help you prepare the immigration visa. However, there is no way of knowing which of them are good. Therefore, the best thing to do is to hire an immigration lawyer to assist you in the visa application preparation. You need to consider a few factors to ensure you hire the right immigration lawyer.

Keep Within Your Budget

The most important thing is to find an immigration lawyer that is within your budget. Immigration lawyers can charge an hourly rate between $100 – $700. You can expect to pay more if the attorney spends a lot of time attending the immigration law court proceeding. Some attorneys charge a flat fee of about $2,000 – $10,000 for handling family based visa applications.

You also have to consider the consultation fees which can range from $50 – $100. There are also immigration attorney Dallas free consultation that don’t charge any fee on the consultation session. Finally, you must remember that it is worthwhile to spend money on hiring an immigration lawyer. If you are inexperienced, handling the visa preparation yourself could result in you not receiving the immigration benefits you sought after.

Focus in a Specialty Immigration Law Area

Firstly, the law firm that you choose must focus on practicing a specific immigration law area. You’ll have to find a law firm that has an office in the USA. For example, some law firms practice family based immigration. There are also law firms that practice business immigration laws. If you want to move to the US with all your family members, you should look for a law firm that practices family based immigration.

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Hire a Law Firm Based in USA

In addition, the immigration law firm you choose must have an office in the USA. The office can be from any state in the USA no matter the country of your origin. It is up to you to visit the office of the law firm. However, this is not necessary because all the communication with the lawyer can take place electronically.

Find Out Who Will Be Handling Your Case

Next, you want to look for a law firm that will assign your case to an experienced immigration lawyer. Usually, the immigration lawyer will work with other paralegals staff to prepare the documents. You want to make sure that your phone calls on important issues get answered by an immigration lawyer if your case is assigned to a paralegal. Large law firms will usually assign your case to a paralegal or outsource it to an off-site immigration paralegal to reduce cost.  As a client, it is important for you to know whether your immigration work is done by the office or outsourced due to factors such as cost, ability to respond to queries quickly, and the extent the law firm would take to protect the clients’ interests.

Look Out for Red Flags

When hiring an immigration lawyer, make sure you look out for red flags. For example, the lawyer should not carry malpractice insurance unless he is based in Oregon which is required on all attorneys. Malpractice insurance can increase the legal cost. You will also want to be careful for attorneys who make too many promises. You should avoid attorneys who guarantee success in your immigration application.

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