Will Sexual Predators Against Children Ever Get What They Really Deserve?

Will Sexual Predators Against Children Ever Get What They Really Deserve?

Undoubtedly there have been sexual crimes committed against children since the dawn of time, but these days it seems that everyday there is a new child that has been molested, tortured or murdered by some adult sexual predator. It is bad enough when they target women with their crimes, but to abuse a helpless child in such a way is just unthinkable to the population as a whole. Even some women are turning out to be sexual predators against children. Perhaps they have always been among us too, but it is being brought more out into the open because of the technology made available around the world and the media coverage that molested children get these days because there is so much of it taking place.

The targets for most women sexual predators seem to be teenage boys. Of course, many people might not frown upon this behavior as badly as they do when a man molests a teenage girl or an even younger child, but it is hard to understand why society would make any difference between them. A teenage boy the age of thirteen or fourteen is just as much of a child a girl of that same age. However, the past several cases that have came to light when an adult female has molested a teen boy in some way, those cases have went to trial and the accused women have been sentenced to jail time too as is only fitting.

The real tragedy is all of the very little girls and boys that have been viciously sexually abused and then murdered. Some of them tossed away in trash piles like garbage only to be found days or months later by search parties and desperate family members looking for them.

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Even when an adult is found guilty beyond a doubt of child molestation or rape, why is it that so many of them are eventually released from prison early? It is beyond understanding why any parole board would set any of these people free, ever! The majority of them will never be cured of their sick desire for children and many times they are released only to commit more sexual abuse against children or go one step further and murder their young victims to prevent themselves from ever being identified a second time.

As a society people have to begin to stand up and demand that these sexual predators against children should never be released from their sentences early and some of them not at all. Just because the prison population is so overcrowded is no excuse for allowing these monsters to go free. There must be other non violent criminals that would make better candidates for early release. It a poll were taken, it is likely that most tax payers would gladly give whatever it takes to keep these violent offenders against children locked up for as long as possible.

The only thing that can be done at the very moment is for parents and child caretakers to do the best job that they can when it comes to safeguarding children against these sick people. They will always be among us no matter how many of them are caught and put in jail and it is those that are responsible for the safety of the children that have to protect them at all costs and at all times. Our children are the most vulnerable in our society and watching over them very closely is a necessity.

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